cuba (2016) video, found and stolen footage, 5 minutes 47 seconds ig post


Ran into my man talking "How you bruh? This life will do ya"

I just turned and said, "I'm breathing, nigga! Hallelujah!"

Went fishing caught some oppor'tunas

Making up words I'm an opportunist

Keep thinking a nigga ain't got maneuvers

Fuck the media they not to fool us

Kid on the cover cause he shot them schools up

Think I don't know what's happening here?

Dog, this not new to us, they mock the ruler

But it's all good right? I just got to Cuba shit is live

Big homie had cancer and he chopped the tumor

Sister hate you plus your pop is suit up

Life is feeling like it's chopped and screwed up

I miss a summertime I can screw up

On the way to the beach stopped and copped a cooler...


Beat produced by United Crates, song written and recorded by Shirt in Queens. Found and stolen footage edited by Shirt.