jack white shows (2018) series of performances, 30 min each ig post

Series of shows opening for Jack White on the Europe leg of his tour over  2018 Performances took place in London, Amsterdam, and Paris, with Shirt playing music off his Pure Beauty LP, as well as new and unreleased cuts. Also added to the performances were a handful of experimental voicenotes Shirt had made with his iPhone over the past 5 years. There were also visual works incorporated on stage and throughout each of the theaters including: a handpainted Bengal Tiger floor work, a silk banner, a silk work for the mic stand, posters and t-shirts. Only a handful of backstage photos and video exists from the events due to a particular rule set in place by Jack White, having some 4,000 people each night hand in their cellphones for the duration of the show. The idea was that audience members would be free from distraction and better focus their attention on the performers.





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