ny times site (2014) custom url, modified website ig post


Inspired by an array of art and media practices including the ideas of the poet Kenneth Goldsmith, on February 6th, 2014 Shirt linked on his social media accounts to a website assumed as the New York Times. An article on Shirt, "In the Rap Game, Whispers of Someone New," was front page and shown to be written by Hip-Hop writer on staff at the NYT, Jon Caramanica. Reading through the article and clicking around elsewhere on the site you come to realize you were inside of an artwork. The url of the site you clicked was nytimes.la. Shirt finalized the idea and launch that week in secret, not even telling close friends. Although most of the site's article was attributed to Goldsmith's ideas of re-appropriating chunks of text and not creating new sentences, Shirt later admitted this task was too difficult and not actually his point. So he added some new sentences including mention of liking what Goldsmith does, and happily wanting to "fake a fucking NY Times article." Fast forward over a year later Goldsmith and Shirt would connect by design, with Goldsmith relaying to Shirt his colleagues had sent him the work the year before and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The two have since collaborated on new works together and Shirt cites Kenneth as having changed his life.