NY Times, 2014

Modified website, 6 months



On February 6th, 2014 Shirt linked on his social media accounts to a website assumed as the New York Times. An article on Shirt was front page. When you clicked the article you were linked to the story, and clicking around elsewhere on the site would only bring you back to the front page again. The url was nytimes.la. Shirt finalized purported NY Times site that week in secret not telling even close friends. Though most of the site's article was attributed to the poet Kenneth Goldsmith's ideas of re-appropriating chunks of text and not creating new sentences, Shirt later admitted this task was too difficult and not actually his main point. So he added some sentences, including in the article itself how he would "fucking fake a NY Times article." As word quickly spread that Shirt had orchestrated stunt partly to promote a new album, the move spawned many 'real' articles including this delve by Kris Ex for Pitchfork.


Experience a lo-res version of the site here





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