Rap (2014)

LP, 10 tracks


Recorded in Queens, NY with beat contributors worldwide, the seminal work by Shirt arrived on the heels of one of his first far reaching campaigns. The 10-track album simply titled Rap, was available free of charge throughout the internet and is said to have been downloaded 100K times in 24 hours. The album features largely original music aside from halfway through the LP on the record "Tuscan Leather", originally produced for Drake by 40.




INTRO (Produced by Shirt)

TAKE OFF (Produced by Zygote & Jazz T)


NIGGAS ON COKE (Produced by David "Leggo" Rojas)

TUSCAN LEATHER (Produced by Noah "40" Shebib)

NEW BITCH (Produced by Beat Ventriloquists)

LIFE AND ART (Produced by Simon Green)

EITHER YOU HERE OR YOU WITH GOD (Produced by David "Leggo" Rojas)

DRUGS (Produced by HighFrequency)

UNDERSTATED (Produced by The Letter L)






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