​There are people who have thought more deeply about what they're feeding you then you have ever thought for yourself​. In this you can grow. And they leave you in a new place.


– Neil deGrasse Tyson

The shock of an epiphany has been an almost daily occurrence since I was young, mystically echoing throughout much of my work.


– George Lois

I make things on occasion. Mostly I think about things. But on occasion I make things that have some relationship to what I’m thinking about.


– Arthur Jafa

With you behind me I cannot tell you the

thrill I get coming into this theatre. Sitting

in this audience watching you, watching me.

This is just too much I'm telling you. And to

have you sound approving. I really… Look,

if you're kidding me, I'll take it. I really will.

Goodnight and thank you.


                                              – Elaine Stritch


I won't go near it. I'm trying to find new, original, interesting things. I want my comedy to be things nobody else talks about. Not necessarily things people don't wanna talk about, but just things that everybody else missed. That's what I like."


– Jerry Seinfeld

I'm primarily concerned with finding form, and giving form.

The cultural part, the interpretive, subject-matter part, the part

that people write about—I suppose it's also part of me. But my

relationship to art history is pretty spotty and idiosyncratic. I'm

interested in what things look like, and also how they got to be

that way. As far as my own image bank is concerned, I don't

really give a damn about the thousands of years of world art—I

care about relatively few things, in fact. However

if you were to take away those things—let's say from Manet

to Marsden Hartley to Clyfford Still, to name three wildly

disparate examples—if I'd never seen those things, I'd

probably be doing something else.


– David Salle

You think you're doing something entirely your own, and

a year later you look at it...and you see actually the roots

of where your art comes from without your knowing of it at all.


– Marcel Duchamp

I often find it difficult to make a picture. That has always been true.

It has nothing to do with the price of a picture. I don't think that scale

has much meaning. I think that one thinks as one always thinks, that

one may be making a picture that no one will be interested in.


                                                                                 – Jasper Johns

It never bothered me if people disagreed with what I

thought as long as I knew the facts. There's a whole

bunch of things I don't know a thing about, I just stay

away from those.


– Warren Buffett

The times we're in we have to figure them out. It's up to the slow it down. Because it's all going faster and faster,

everything is moving quicker, information is going quicker. These great

things are fleeting. It's all going faster so it's up to the individual to

slow it down and be like, "Ok, I'm living with this album, this is what I

choose to ride to. This is gonna be the soundtrack to my life, or these

next couple months." That's an individual thing. I'm not gonna let

anybody speed up my process. I don't care what's happening out there.

That's the thing about having ultimate confidence in yourself. It

doesn't matter what's happening, I don't care what you on, or this person

is on. This is what I like. My life is tailor-made for me.


– Jay Z

I'll put a Wingstop in your hood, your aunty might need a gig.


– Rick Ross

No idea. Just music I liked. It was always

about music I liked. Finding good things.

Whatever moved me.


                                    – Rick Rubin

An artist should not fall in love with another artist.

An artist should not fall in love with another artist.

An artist should not fall in love with another artist.


– Marina Abramović

I’ll tell you what I think. These people who will

be recognized as artists, they will not be among those

who will come out the best artists. The best will be those

who will have been forgotten because they are not

formed to what one wants them to be. Those who will

work with their soul and the desire to express

themselves and it is these who will come out the

best artists.


– Henri Matisse

I think one should pay attention to the work as that is the only

real evidence one has. Artists are just as likely to be hiding

their real feelings as other people when they talk. Especially

when they talk big. That is why you look at the work. That's

where nothing is hidden.


– Anthony Caro

You don't have to do things that different for them

to be very different. Cause everything is so the same.

So you only have to tweak something and it's like,

well we've never seen anything like that before.


– Ricky Gervais

If you start with rules, your creation will be

stillborn. If you are an artist, you want to create a

giant wall around yourself, and inside that wall, follow your honesty and your intuition. What the

audience will see is a man or woman who is

prisoner of his or her passion, and that is the

most inspiring performance in the world.


– Philippe Petit


I work every single day of my life. It's a privilege to me to be able to think of myself as an artist and think of myself as a creator. I don't take it it lightly. It's not an excuse for me to wake up at 2 in the afternoon. So every day I create something. And I'm always putting things out under different names, different ideas, or with different people involved. Whether I'm producing or directing, or writing, or performing it myself, it doesn't matter. All my albums could be called John Doe. I just want to make something that didn't exist before. Sometimes I have fun with the design and how it's presented or how it's put on display, or how it's recorded. But all that really matters to me is making something that didn't exist.


– Jack White

I did not have to deal with the criminal state, hour by hour and day by day, to say nothing of night after night. I did not have to sweat cold sweat after decisions involving hundreds of thousands of lives. I was not responsible for raising money, or deciding how to use it. I was not responsible for strategy controlling prayer meetings, marches, petitions, voting registration drives. I saw the sheriffs, the deputies, the storm troopers; more or less in passing. I was never in town to stay. This was sometimes hard on my moral. But I had to accept as time wore on that part of my responsibility as a witness, was to move as largely and as freely as possible. To write the story and get it out.


– James Baldwin